Mission vision

Based on the traditional foundation and great values of the Vietnamese medical industry from past to present, and at the same time wishing to bring people high quality medical examination and treatment services, access to methods, techniques and Modern regimen, enjoying high-class services like abroad, General Hospital has been established. Since the very beginning of its operation, the hospital has focused on building a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors and specialists. The hospital has gathered a team of leading experts from many fields. such as urology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, respiratory, musculoskeletal, reproductive support, ENT, neurology...

Team of experts

Skilled experts in support fields are also gathered to create comprehensive, scientific and effective service processes.

5 star hotel hospital

The hospital is built according to the hotel hospital model, focusing on fully meeting the conditions for professional medical examination and treatment activities, while bringing high quality customer experiences in terms of space, landscape, boarding room, restaurant...

Facilities – modern equipment

General Hospital is a leading unit investing heavily in the world's leading equipment, machinery, diagnostic and treatment methods. Many pieces of equipment and machinery are limited in quantity in the world and are rare, such as:

  • Hybrid standard operating room system ready to serve major surgical cases;
  • Equipment system for diagnosing and treating vestibular diseases;
  • Machine system and software applying artificial intelligence in embryo culture for the in vitro fertilization process;
  • The lab meets the highest cleanliness standards to serve the operations of stem cell banks and fertility centers;
  • Specialized endoscopic surgical equipment for fetal medicine, ARTIS Pheno surgical support robot system applying the latest generation of artificial intelligence to serve musculoskeletal surgeries;...
  • Modern diagnostic imaging equipment system such as MRI 1.5 - 3 Tesla machine, 128-row computerized tomography machine, new generation 4D ultrasound machine, ENT endoscopy machine for infants birth, audiometer for infants and adults;
  • The leading modern Cobas Pro testing system in Southeast Asia
Scientific process – comprehensive

The examination and treatment process is built comprehensively scientifically, helping to save time, costs and effort for customers and patients. Dedicated professional customer care service. Professional customer care switchboard system on many access channels such as phone switchboards, websites, social networks,...

High quality service – reasonable price

The hospital aims to serve a large number of customers and patients with reasonable prices, many preferential policies on costs, and support for interest-free installment payments for many medical examination and treatment services.

Responsibility for workers

The hospital focuses on taking care of the lives of staff, experts, doctors... with advanced policies both materially and spiritually, becoming an ideal working environment for workers.

Take responsibility for the community

The hospital always performs well and is responsible to the community through many meaningful charity and social activities such as accompanying the "Bright Tomorrow" Cancer Patient Support Fund, sponsoring costs for cancer patients. Complicated cancer pathology cases, bone and joint replacement for cancer patients, supporting programs to support people affected by storms and floods...

Intensive collaborative training

The hospital is the first non-public hospital to build a large-scale scientific research and training center, operating systematically with many training activities, seminars, and international and domestic conferences on various issues. professional topic. It is the first non-public hospital to be granted regular training codes for many specialties such as obstetrics, pediatrics, and reproductive support, and vaccination safety certificates.