Medial Examination Guide

Today, people's need for medical examination and treatment and health care is increasing and there are higher demands for quality and service. Thanks to regular and periodic health check-ups, they can detect dangerous diseases early for timely treatment, avoiding risks of adverse health effects in the future. Below is a detailed medical examination guide from A-Z at the hospital.

With the goal of building and orienting the Hospital to become a reliable address for high-end medical examination and treatment according to hotel hospital standards. The hospital has invested in a system of modern equipment and facilities, and a team of leading experts, doctors, and medical staff who directly examine and treat to fully meet the needs of high-end health care. of customers and patients across the country.

Customers will receive it

At the Hospital, each patient is identified as an important customer - someone who needs special, comprehensive care and service 24/7, including medical services as well as food and beverage services. Rest and entertainment according to the standards of high-end hotels.

Customers/patients will be welcomed, cared for and guided enthusiastically and professionally by a team of customer care staff who are well-trained in the necessary skills, helping to bring a friendly and comfortable feeling. and most satisfied.

Customers can come for consultation, examination, and treatment with available services, or request services according to individual needs with separate waiting rooms and examination rooms, the right to choose examination hours, and doctors. Doctor examines... Spacious, comfortable waiting area with drinking water, cold towels, wifi, free books, newspapers, and magazines. Luxurious restaurants and cafes on the 6th floor serve 24/24 with rich menus and reasonable prices.

The hospital is ready to accept patients who come for regular check-ups without an appointment. However, we recommend that you make an appointment at least one day in advance to minimize waiting time.

Our appointment department is open 24/7 and 7 days/week for your convenience.

For customers with an appointment: on the day of the appointment, you will be welcomed and instructed to fill out your personal profile (if it is your first visit) and be examined at the appointment time. Please click on Register for Medical Examination to schedule an appointment.

For walk-in customers: Patients are welcomed and complete the procedures (fill out documents with first-time visitors) and are examined in order.

The hospital applies a policy of prioritizing examination order for emergency patients, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, People with meritorious services to the Revolution, wounded and sick soldiers and special cases. However, we still try to ensure examination hours and visits for other customers. If you have special personal problems, please notify us when making your appointment or to the staff at the check-in counter.


If you cannot arrive on time for your appointment or want to reschedule your appointment to another day, please contact the appointment department.

When going to the doctor, please bring test results, diagnostic images and prescriptions made elsewhere (if any). However, the doctor may ask you to repeat or do additional examinations if necessary.

For first-time customers, they need to bring their identity card (for Vietnamese) and passport (for foreigners).