VIP examination area

The VIP examination area was officially put into operation to provide professional service and international standards

Examination, screening and treatment of vascular diseases

The Cardiovascular Center and Hospital bring together a team of doctors and nurses who are leading experts in the field, highly qualified and experienced, regularly updating advanced treatment regimens and techniques according to the guidelines of the Cardiovascular Associations. domestically and internationally in the process of examining and treating patients, including surgical intervention to treat vascular diseases.

Examination, screening & treatment of congenital heart disease

Congenital Heart Department, Cardiovascular Center brings together a team of experienced doctors, equipped with advanced machinery systems, providing examination, screening and treatment services for congenital heart disease. Children will be cared for and cherished from the time they are still in the womb, until they are born and throughout their growing up process, creating a solid health foundation for them to live happily and healthily - stepping into the future.

Cardiovascular disease examination and treatment services for adults

Cardiovascular Center, Hospital brings together a team of leading experts, experienced doctors and modern equipment, providing comprehensive cardiovascular disease examination and treatment services including examination, paraclinical diagnosis, and results. Medical and surgical treatment for all subjects from children, adults, the elderly, pregnant women, etc.

Services of the Anorectal Unit

With a team of doctors with many years of experience and the world's leading modern and advanced equipment, the Anorectal Unit confidently masters diagnostic and treatment techniques for complex diseases, especially in cases of prolonged illness and complications.

Pathology & cytology services

Pathology & Cells is considered the "gold standard" in diagnosing a number of diseases, especially malignant diseases... Results from Pathology & Cells play a decisive role, and are also the basis solid for providing accurate and effective treatment directions.

Store stem cells from blood and umbilical cord tissue

Modern, comprehensive stem cell center with a closed cycle: Obstetric services - collection - separation - proliferation - storage and progress to application to treat many diseases right at the Hospital.

Examination, consultation & treatment of infertility

Since the first baby was born using IVF, until now, assisted reproductive technology has brought joy and happiness to thousands of couples.